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2015-2016 MHB Youth Intern Program
Ms. Karen Garcia Lopez as the keynote speaker at the 21st Annual Coro Leadership Luncheon 2015 CORO Exploring Leadership Youth Fellow in May 2016

Student Jennifer McGregor's Hope & Recovery - May 2016

Seat Opening(s) on the Mental Health Board
Public Interest as of March 2016
In January 2017, 2 Consumer, 1 Public Interest and 1 Family Member seats will be opened.
MHB current vacant seats

Requirements for Appointees
1. In accordance with our City Charter, appointees to boards and commissions must be: Electors in San Francisco
2. In accordance with State and City law, appointees to the Mental Health Board must not be:
   Employed by the City working for Behavior Health Services
   Working on a contract funded by Behavior Health Services
   Employed by the State Department of Mental Health
   Paid for service on the board of a Bronzan-McCorquodale contract agency